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Holomap, real-time collaborative holonic mapping services. Create holographic websites, maps and presentations. The successor of Noomap. Software by Chris Larcombe.

Create Fractal Websites, Blogs, Maps, and Presentations

Discover the power of holonic mapping. Display and arrange multimedia information in easy to navigate interactive maps.

  • Aesthetic Design

    Fractal zoomable circular design, easy on the eyes and mind

  • Fast and Responsive

    Hardware accelerated graphics, using WebGL technology

  • Real-time

    Map collaboratively in real-time with instant updates

  • Touchscreen Friendly

    Supports 10 point multi-touch for a more natural interaction

  • Share Knowledge

    Map and share knowledge as reusable remixable 'holons'

  • Improve Learning

    Absorb and integrate information more effectively

  • Transcend Scrolling

    Avoid the brain-pain and wasted time that comes with scrolling

  • Simplify Complexity

    Show complex relationships otherwise difficult to visualise

All prices are a suggested donation.
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Holonic Mapping

Rethinking Information

All the information we encounter in our environment is a reflection and product of human nervous systems. The human brain is composed of ‘fractal’ (nested) neural networks, which activate in different patterns in different situations.

Holons map fractal objects of perception within experience, such as thoughts and things. In Holomap holons are fractal digital objects which can be placed inside each other, and in more than one place at once.

Holonic Mapping is the process of mapping perception as holons. Mapping using holons is like recording data using the native language of the brain, enabling a more natural and efficient communication of information.



Planetary Community
Holomap is available on a donation basis for the purpose of planetary evolution.
Presently o-map.io is being offered as a space for everyone to come together.